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Packaging is an important factor in any retail environment and a key element in most marketing strategies. Consumers react immediately to package shapes, and are influenced by them when making buying decisions. Different product categories are often easy to recognise by their characteristic form, for example chocolate boxes or milk cartons. On the other hand, a manufacturer of an exclusive product, such as jewellery or perfume, may deliberately choose an unusual, eye-catching form.

pecial Packaging is a unique step-by-step manual, containing hundreds of great folding ideas and ready-to-use designs. This book is an essential tool for anyone involved in the fields of graphic and industrial design, advertising and printing. All patterns are stored in eps vector format on the enclosed CD-ROMs. They may be used freely to create new designs, and can be scaled and modified to suit any conceivable purpose.

424 pagina's, Paper Back + CD Rom 
ISBN 9789057680540
Afmetingen 18 x 18 cm
Talen: o.a. Engels, Frans, Duits, Spaans, Italiaans

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